About Us

Company Profile

Hannah Mouldings (formerly APS) is a Philippine-based Glass-Fibre-Reinforced-Gypsum (GRG) mouldings company that was established in 1992. We pride ourselves in giving our customers the highest quality products and service from our functionally designed premises located near Clark International Airport. Specialising in the design, production and installation of GRG mouldings, our team of skilled craftsmen with up to 30 years experience can meet all of your decorative interior needs for private and public buildings, hotels, resorts, casinos, restaurants and residences.

Highly Flexible Service

At Hannah Mouldings we pride ourselves on our ability to work directly with building owners or through specialist architects and main contractors across all industry sectors. Furthermore, we can meet any specification for GRG mouldings and our experience and expertise enables us to match designs by making reference to samples of existing mouldings, architectural drawings or even simply by referring to a photograph.

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